In my approach, I have taken something very traditional, learned all of the rules and then broken them, establishing my own language within the medium.

The idea to convey what we know intimately about what we are seeing but to allow the convergence of sight, knowledge and spiritual interpretation, gives new voice to the work. It is an attempt to encounter honesty.

Mary Patricia Stumpf

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Personal statement...

As an artist, Mary Patricia Stumpf has distinguished herself in batik, stained glass design and acrylics. Mrs Stumpf attended Southern Illinois University under a four year scholarship with a major in art and a minor in English. She studied batik under Catherine Milovich at Southern Illinois University and has developed a precise, hard-edged style in batik which is difficult to achieve in the medium.

She studied drawing, painting and etching under Mike Smith at Southern Illinois University.

She studied figure and composition under Rufino Silva at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. 

Her work has been heralded as both abstract and realistic.

In recent years she has expanded the scope of her work to include stained glass design. Her stained glass creations  grace Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church in Raleigh, North Carolina and the Inpatient Tower of the Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem, North Carolina.