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The Words of Others

Beyond emotion, Mrs. Stumpf has a keen sensitivity to nature’s textures and rhythms. When she paints a wave you can almost feel the lift of the water and foam as if you were rising under the keel. When she paints a swampy thicket, the tangled bracken looks as if branches would scrape your cheek and tear at your clothing. The images have enormous power, dignity and resonance. They have something to say, and the message is worthwhile.”
 Steven Litt
The Plain Dealer Newspaper
Cleveland, OH
“On behalf of Philip Morris, U.S.A., I would like to thank you for exhibiting with us. The Art Committee felt that it was one of the finest exhibits held here in some time.”
 Irene D. McDonald
Philip Morris, U.S.A.
Richmond, Virginia
“…as a Tar Heel of the Week and a member of a very special group of North Carolinians who have contributed their time, skill and talents toward making North Carolina a truly great state and wonderful place to live. The contributions you have made have enhanced our State’s reputation around the country.”
 Frank Daniels, Jr.
President and Publisher
The News and Observer Newspaper
“The windows are even more beautiful than I ever dreamed.”
(Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church Windows)
 E. Crosby Willet, President
The Willet Stained Glass
Studios, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“I was particularly attracted to your pieces because they seem very meaningful, even spiritual and religious but at the same time eerie and edgy (literally,) portraying a sense of power…”
 Joeleen Lynch, Student
Newcastle Co Down
Northern Ireland